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Take Back your time.

Brand Done started as a conversation between two friends in December of 2016. Frustrated with our industry’s challenges, we set out to create a digital marketplace that would embrace the freelancer community while making it easier for brands and small businesses to get more done. When we set out on this journey to build a platform of like minded, creative, and passionate professionals, we never could have imagined the constant support and enthusiasm for this project.

The Brand Done platform has been developed using practical experiences from countless industry professionals who all share the same two challenges; time & resources. Our collective insights and professional experience have led us here.

Our marketplace gives fashion based businesses access to a database of fashion trade freelancers who are specialized in our industry. Short term projects or last minute needs, we’ve got your back! We alleviate the stress and financial pressures of finding and connecting the right people, to the right job, at the right time. This is work, reinvented. 

Brand Done is home to all creative services which keep our industry fruitful. Apparel, footwear, accessories, stylists, visual merchandisers, photographers, graphic design, and more. When you think of your position in our industry and all the moving parts that encompass your role, let Brand Done be your resource for restructure. 

It’s time to take back your time.